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  2. HI George, long time no see and I see you are busy doing lots of fun things – I like your blog by the way!
    I am dashing into Toronto unexpectedly arriving tonight One of our artists is playing RTH tomorrow night.
    I know it is ridiculous notice for a celeb like yourself but would you and Gail like to come as my guests?
    Guido’s Orchestra is a fun lively Rock meets classical show led by Guido who is a brilliant violinist. I arrive tonight around 8.30and am staying at the Intercontinental. I don’t have a phone number for you but my cell is+44 7850 690 397 and I am hoping that my emails will arrive to my cell when I get to Tronna…. maybe safest to text that cell. I would love to see you if at all possible. If you can’t make the show, would you have time for a coffee tomorrow sometime or on Saturday even?? Lots of Love and sorry for this mad rush but it is really is a last minute decision to pop over for this show. Avril


  3. Hi George,
    Just wanted to let you know that I chose your book “Starring Brian Linehan” as my book club read for Dec/Jan. We are all mom’s from the High Park area and not one of us cold put it down. We all loved it! If we only could have met him today! I wanted to ask you, as I am hosting the book discussion on January 20th, what kind of maritini could we honour him with? Keep up your wonderful writing!


    • So sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner, Susie. I am currently on a nine-month hiatus from blogging but plan to return to it this month. And Brian was quite content to go with Gin or Vodka martinis, straight up, with a twist. I can only hope your January 20th discussion was half as much fun as he was.


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