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About last night …

Now that was fun.

And yes, I do mean last night’s 81st annual Oscar show.

After scanning the morning papers I must admit I was more than a little bit pleased to see that we weren’t the only ones who enjoyed it. Our sentiments were clearly shared by tag team Rita Zekas & Rob Salem (seems like old times) in the Toronto Star and Bill Harris in the Toronto Sun. 

JACKMAN:  Host with the Most

JACKMAN: Host with the Most

I thought Hugh Jackman hit it out of the park. He’s cut from the same cloth as the old-fashioned Movie Stars we used to know and love, those triple threat performers from Jimmy Cagney to Jane Wyman, who could sing and dance and act.  And it was exciting to see a new and refreshingly all-star method of saluting nominated actors, which should (and will, I predict) become a new staple of the annual telecast.

Am I the only one who thinks that without Melissa & Joan Rivers a little red carpet goes a long way? Maybe. On Friday bubbly Breakfast Television co-host Dina Pugliese said she couldn’t wait for Oscar night. “This is my SuperBowl!” she advised her male cohorts. Okay,  but the game is running awfully long these days.

And maybe I was washing my hair or otherwise engaged, but I wasn’t aware that this was Kate Winslet’s sisth Oscar nomination (!?!)  until Bob Thompson headlined it in the National Post.

In case you were washing your hair that night too, her previous Best Actress nominations were for Little Children, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Titanic, and she was nominated twice before as Best Supporting Actress, for Iris and Sense & Sensibility.

Who knew? Not me, obviously.

P.S. to Academy Awards Addicts (and yes, you know who you are:

SUN: Today's best Oscar buy

SUN: Today's best Oscar buy


Go out of your way to pick up a Toronto Sun today before they’re all sold out.  From front-page salute to Penelope Cruz to the 10, count ‘em, 10 pages of entertaining and clever coverage from Bruce Kirkland, Marie-Joelle Parent, Bill Harris and Liz Sardi, this is one edition worth keeping, and easily today’s top Oscar choice.

And yes, I am biased. But it’s still today’s best bet.

 TOMORROW: Jane Fonda.