Exit Mary, Enter Eugene

Every year the Canadian Film Centre hosts a classy, glittery  Gala evening to raise funds for its operational costs. I believe the Gala is the CFC’s single biggest revenue source, and accordingly it is its biggest (and most important) event of the year.

Mary Walsh: Sidelined

Mary Walsh: Sidelined

All set to host this year’s glamour-fest was glamourpuss Mary Walsh (a.k.a. Princess Marg Delahunty, Dakey Dunn and too many other blissfully memorable characters to list here.)

Three days before the Feb. 11 event, Mary was still home in St. John’s, Newfoundland, packing her bags for Toronto,  when she developed a debilitating ear infection and was forbidden to get on a plane.

On Monday February 9 CFC Gala organizers woke up to find themselves without a host for the biggest night of their year.

Then someone remembered that one of the guests scheduled to sit at CFC founder Norman Jewison‘s table was Eugene Levy, who has been discussing a project with Norman.

Eugene Levy: To the rescue

Eugene Levy: To the rescue

Eugene was just back from L.A. when he received a pleading phone call: With no rehearsal, and almost no prep time, would he step in for the ailing Ms. Walsh?

Happily, he agreed to do it. He hosted the CFC’s spectacular Cinephilia Gala at Kool Haus on Wednesday February 11 — and did a fabulous job, winning huge kudos from Gala goers.

Ain’t showbiz grand?

P.S.  You can catch Eugene tonight with Strombo on The Hour.

 TOMORROW: You Better Watch Out


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